The Infallible Roulette System Book Review

This is one of best roulette books I have ever read. Don Young is far ahead of everyone in gambling systems. He has taken a game that everyone considers one dimensional and shows how there are several categories that can be combined together. Any knowledgeable person who has considered gambling systems will recognize and benefit from these breakthroughs. Of course, like all winning roulette system strategies there are drawbacks and negative aspects one might consider.  If you are going to Vegas and are accustomed to success in your life ---you will appreciate this book. If you visit Vegas several times per year and are tired of losing... you'll like this book. If you want a book that will win huge amounts after fifteen minutes of reading. This is not the book. If you ever find such a book there will be no casinos. This book requires study, practice, and patience. Many people do not possess these abilities in gambling but do in their business life. I have bought many roulette gambling books and I rate this the best. If you have a little time to devote studying the procedures and are patient during hours of potential break even ----you can succeed. This is the only book that I have ever bought that I could understand how it is possible to win. It isn't perfect but it is the best I have found. I feel I have a chance in the casino. Everything considered --from my limited experience---I think the book is worth many times the price. 

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He seems to have definitely has "cracked the code" to the game of roulette. However, don't think for a moment that he is telling all of his secrets in one book that you can buy for $14.99. I have been to his website where he is selling his "master system" for $10,000 (no joke). This book is only an introduction to this "master roulette system". If you want to fork out 10 grand, I have no doubt that you can beat the game with his system. This introductory book is guaranteed to beat the book of "15,000 real casino spins" from Zummma Publishing Company. Bottom line, this roulette system really works, but you will find yourself spending hours up on hours in the casino watching the monitor waiting for the best time to buy in. I would not recommend this book for a part-time gambler who expects to play for a couple of hours and walk away with huge stacks of chips. I would recommend this book for the serious roulette system player who wants to win over the long run. This has nothing to do with progressions. It's a flat betting system. Don Young explains exactly how to predict which numbers will show. This system will beat the infamous "roulette system tester" book by +498 units. Keep in mind, however, that this is over a period of 15,000 spins. On the other hand, if you are using $25 chips, this would obviously be a huge profit in the long run. This is one of best roulette strategy books I have ever read.