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One of the best parts about book groups, in real life, is getting to know the members of the group. Kibitzing over a cup of coffee, sharing pictures, talking about knitting projects - before and after the book discussion. Since we're on the web, it's harder to get to know each other. I thought a web ring might help. So join up and visit with your K1R2 friends!

Requirements for Admission

1. You must be a member of the Knit One Read Too Book Group. (If you're not, join up here.)

2. You must participate in at least one book discussion every three months by either commenting or posting.

3. Your ring code must be visible on your page. You do not have to post all of the actions, but you need to have the ring home page link, as well as the previous and next actions. If you would like to use a button, please do not steal bandwidth.