Discussions are suspended until further notice. Thank you for your interest.

Have a great holiday season!

Thank you.

    November 08, 2005


    Discussions are suspended until further notice. Thank you for your interest.

    Have a great holiday season!

    Thank you.

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    October 19, 2005

    Women Authors Wanted!

    Now accepting nominations for November's book - discussion to start November 28th.

    Let's try something different - please nominate books written by women! Only women. (Not trying to be sexist here, but we seem to have a glut of men.)

    Thanks! Voting soon!

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    September 14, 2005

    October Winner!

    It was very close, but we have a new read!

    Yellow Jack

    by Josh Russell

    The Moviegoer was a close second. I have to say, Yellow Jack was my choice! I can't wait to start. The discussion will begin on October 17th. Happy Reading!

    Thank you,

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      Cloning Around!

      I'm late! And I'm so sorry! And to top it all off I haven't finished the book. I've got about a 100 pages to go, and I promise I will be back to chat.

      To get things started though, I wanted to list some of the links I found:

      Random House author interview.

      Salon review.

      Powell's interview.

      NPR Interview with Ishiguro.

      CBC article.

      The Simon Review.

      Village Voice review.

      Ugh! I wish he wasn't revealing everything so slowly! I read a lot of the reviews before I started the book, so I knew the main premise before hand. A conscious decision on my part.

      So far, it's okay for me. I don't think Kathy's as detached as I thought she would be as a narrator, but I find it annoying that she seems to keep repeating herself a lot - I think this is because Ishiguro jumps around timewise.

      I'd like more details that they DO know about in their lives, as opposed to what seems like a lot of speculation. I want more descriptions of their projects. I can't seem to see them in my mind at all and I think they would be a very nice emotional clue to what is going on in their heads.

      Given their situation and how in the dark they are, their relationships seem very typical to me. It's funny - Kathy figures out that the couples are acting like they've seen on TV, but how different is that from what "regular" teenagers see and copy? It got me wondering how much we learn from the media, as opposed to the people we see in front of us everyday. Maybe we're too close to, say, our parents? Or maybe it's kind of an osmosis thing and we don't realize how much we've picked up until years later? Just some questions that popped into my head.

      Of course, the big issue with this book is the ETHICS question. These children have been cloned for the sole purpose of donating their organs. I love the whole sex thing - have it, it's for fun, but don't catch any diseases. Oh yeah, and you can't have any kids.

      Why are they being "educated?" Although I question the eductation their getting? What do you think the role of the teachers are in their lives? (Some of these questions might be answered further on in the book - sorry!)

      What about the Madame and her gallery?

      I hope this is a jumping off point for discussion. Again, I'm sorry I'm being lax, but I promise to be back for a more in depth entry! Please, have fun!

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    • Hideaway

      I just finished the book Hideaway by Hanna Alexander and was amazed that I could not put it down. I finished this long book in a day.
      It is about an ER Doctor who watches as her sister codes on the table in front of her and then has to cope not only with the death of her sister but a wrongful death lawsuit form her brother in law.
      She finds seclusion in a small town in the ozarks and finds that they love of new friends and old friends can help her find the love of christ and bring her healing .


    • Required Reading Deja Vu!

      After I left College I never imagined I'd again embrace "required reading", but I guess I've matured. (Say it isn't so!) But, I'm very happy to have found this group and look forward to discussing 2 of my great loves - reading and knitting. I'm just coming out of a "Potter Exile". Everything in life stopped while I devoured book 6. And I also just finished "Endurance" by Alfred Lansing. Excellent story! I swear I could *taste* the seal blubber while reading the book.

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